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Opinion phrases

Opinion phrases was published on September 02, 2014 and last modified onSeptember 02, 2014 by Vlad Sandulescu.

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In Predicting what user reviews are about with LDA and gensim I played with extracting topics from short reviews and given a new review, tried to predict the most probable topic(s) it can be associated with. LDA relies on a bag-of-words model, which is a very popular document representation approach. The model disregards any syntactic dependencies between the words, i.e. any grammar, as well as word order in the documents. For a deeper read about the assumptions made by the LDA model, try to digest Blei’s paper…if you dare!

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Predicting what user reviews are about with LDA and gensim

Predicting what user reviews are about with LDA and gensim was published onSeptember 09, 2014 and last modified on September 09, 2014 by Vlad Sandulescu.



I was rather impressed with the impressions and feedback I received for my Opinion phrases prototype – code repository here. So yesterday, I have decided to rewrite my previous post on topic prediction for short reviews using Latent Dirichlet Analysis and its implementation in gensim.
I have previously worked with topic modeling for my MSc thesis but there I used the Semilar toolkit and a looot of C# code. Having read many articles about gensim, I was itchy to actually try it out. Continue reading