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My recent work in Recommendation System

Need time to write up.


Yelp is an online urban guide that helps people find recommended destinations based on the informed opinions and reviews of a community.

Goal: the high level goal of this project is to apply existing built-in PredictionIO engines to a new domain and new dataset.

For this project you will build a restaurant recommendation engine (see Yelp) using built-in Item Recommendation engine and the Yelp dataset.


Yelp dataset via Kaggle –

Demo link:


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Deep Learning + NLP (PFIの勉強会)

  1. Deep Learning とは?
    • Neural Network (input, hidden, output) の拡張: hidden layers >= 2(階層を増やす)
    • Hidden layers:
      • Deep Brief Network
      • Convolutional Neural Network (image recognition)
      • Stacked Auto Encoder
      • Recursive NN
      • Recurrence NN
    • 画像認識精度アップ、音声認識、薬物の活性の推測
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