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一人で留守番をする時に「ねずみにひかれないように!」と声をかけられた経験はありますか?初耳の人もいるかもしれません。辞書の中には「ねずみに ひかれそう」=【家の中に1人きりで寂しく心細い様子(親しみをこめてからかう時に用いる)】と説明するものがあります。実は、江戸中期の国語辞書『俚言 集覧』にも載っているほど古い表現なのですよ。
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What the heck are “lady’s” discounts?

What the heck are “lady’s discounts? Many women in Japan have already been served a “lady’s lunch” (free coffee and dessert);  been to “ladies day” at the movies (almost half price); and went to Kyoto on a discounted package strictly for “ladies”. Foreigners realize they’re cashing in, but they still find it shocking that a business would offer a lower price to one gender and not the other. Some Japanese, even the guys, seem to think discounts for “ladies” are perfectly normal. But isn’t it sex discrimination? Continue reading