Cultural Differences

Cultural difference

When I first came to Japan, I noticed many differences between Japan and my country. I almost always found that each difference had at least one good point and one bad point. For example, in Japanese department stores there are many clerks. The clerks are very polite and try to help every customer. This, of course, is a good thing. But having so many clerks costs the store owner a lot of money. To help pay for these clerks, the store owner has to raise the prices of goods in the store. That’s bad for shopper. But at least you can know where your money went and this is very prone to shopping. In my country, shopping is very difficult unless you have many moneys. Shoppers don’t know what the real price is. Sometimes, the clerks overcharges the price as double or triple and you must bargain if you want to buy goods with a  reasonable price.

Here’s another example. In my country, people seldom use the train to commute. And the train does often arrive late too. It’s very normal to us. But in Japan, I was shocked at how punctual the train time and how crowded the trains were during the morning rush hour. Train workers pushed and shoved people onto the trains! This made taking the morning train a very unpleasant experience. Yet there is a good point to this, too. Every day, Japanese trains help millions of people get to work and school cheaply and on time. Imagine life in Japan without these trains. The roads would be rammed with cars and the air pollution would be unbearable.

crowded train

In my country, there’s no vending machines what is called jidouhanbaiki in Japan. I saw jihanki in every where in Japan. Beverage vending machine, instant noodle, vending machine and even panties vending machine,…that is very ridiculous story in my country. When you have an intention of putting  jihanki at the public places, the first thing you must consider is how to protect it from mischievous behaviours. The problem is the same with the public telephones. What do people really need? Vending machines – no –  there are many small shops everywhere. Public telephones – a little – but when mobile phone became popular, public telephones’ users has decreased. And as a consequence, any public facility will become the bait for bad people. But in Japan, people don’t need public telephones as they need vending machines. Why do they need vending machine? When you feel thirsty, you can buy a beverage any where in school, hospital, station, … instead finding a convenience store. When people use it often, there is rare chance for destroyers. Of course, on the one hand, how wasteful to let the vending machine use electricity like that!

panties jihanki

When you go abroad, be aware of the differences between your country and the places you are visiting. But don’t conclude that your country’s way is better than another’s. Just acknowledge that the two countries are different and try to appreciate those differences.




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